• Gaurav Patel

Why optimising LinkedIn profile is a must?

Without any doubt, LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst the Fortune 500 companies.

But why is LinkedIn so critical in your life?

Because, it is the best network for professional growth. Period.

And that’s just step one in knowing why it’s important to optimise your LinkedIn profile.

You do not have an option of not having an active presence on the LinkedIn if you are seeking a professional growth. You will understand this after you have read this.

LinkedIn is a key part of your work ecosystem

LinkedIn is made for businesses and professionals. Every business is on LinkedIn. It is like their parallel website, with the team, vendors and customers connected and networking to an open world.

Hence, your LinkedIn profile is now more important than ever.

But if you do not optimise your profile on LinkedIn then you are way behind in the ranking. And ranking is a must. Why? Let us learn it right here.

Profile Ranking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best networks to choose when connecting with other professionals, clients, employees, partners, and employers. That’s why it’s in your best interest to optimise your LinkedIn profile – whether you’re a recent grad or a CEO. A creative professional, techie, finance or marketing guy, or any specialisation.

Just as you're finding prospects on LinkedIn and learning more about them, they're looking at your profile to judge if they'd like to do business with you. If you are finding a job, then, your profile and activities helps the recruiter to know you better and match more relevance.

As you craft your profile using key words to describe your skills, abilities and personal side. These keywords pave the way for your profile showing up when users perform searches.

A LinkedIn profile is rated on its content and given a strength level based on it’s completeness. The more accurate and relevant information you include, the higher your profile is rated.

Your professional outlook

Owning a well articulated LinkedIn profile implies that you care about your professional brand. Not caring about your own brand may also raise a question ‘would you care about others’ brand too?’

It shows you are tech-savvy enough to know how to use social media and that you have notable accomplishments that you are proud to share publicly.

Optimising your LinkedIn profile will ensure that your profile works hard for you. So, think - ‘you would want to work hard for your profile, or, your profile starts making things easier for you’. What do you chose?

A focused and optimised LinkedIn profile portrays your unique brand identity in an accurate and professional way. An optimised LinkedIn profile can improve your career and business path and set you up for the dream future.

Great profiles are more inviteful in sales and marketing

We network - for great opportunities. In the form of a job offer or a business opportunity. More impactful and relevant is your profile, better are your chances to stand out against the other professionals.

It will attract customers, coworkers, industry professionals, industry influencers and even interested employers. In fact, 89% of recruiters say they’ve hired someone through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for prospecting. People who interact with your prospects and customers might be a good fit for your product. Perfecting your LinkedIn profile is crucial in the sales profession.

Easier to see other profiles

Another advantage is that it helps you to view people’s career history and how they managed to get to where they are today. More networked if your profile, more and more profiles get friendlier to it and you can view all the details of theirs'.

Optimised profiles are easier for others to explore you

When it comes to your basic profile, keep LinkedIn profile optimisation simple. LinkedIn also makes it super easy for the future employers to check your references. Instead of risking your reputation, keep it simple by being honest.

And, participating in the LinkedIn groups not only helps you increase your visibility within the groups but you also expand your usage of the LinkedIn’s power and tend to be a more power user which definitely goes your way.

Optimising your LinkedIn profile is the first step towards successful social selling.

It is the only place where you can find and connect with any CEO from any company and have yourself heard and actually create an impact.

Go for it...

LinkedIn is your broadcast channel where your professional network is the audience. Keep growing your audience so that more and more people can view your channel and know you more.

To know what are the best ways to optimise your LinkedIn profile, follow these steps which needs only few minutes and surely, you will jump significantly in terms of your profile ranking on LinkedIn. Do it on priority!

Surely you love your growth. And if LinkedIn matters, then, start helping its algorithm fall in love with your LinkedIn profile.

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