• Gaurav Patel

What are the lyrics?

When reaching out to our audiences on social, emails, webinars or other channels we focus at their challenges, motivations, telling stories, sharing ideas, and every other important aspects.

And how many times do we end up inspiring them? Motivating them to focus at a solution or do the right thing.

Does it just happen by trying to tell a story? Or addressing their challenges? Trying to create an impression of solving their problem?

All I could recollect from my 12+ years of experience dealing with customers is that - a great attention and engagement level is driven by a high level of inspiration.

An inspiration which makes them sense something new. Something beyond their daily hustles. Something which they wish they can have. Right now.

And to help them walk that path of inspiration, the messenger has to be highly inspired from inside. Greatly inspired.

What happens with internal inspiration? Your message of addressing the same challenges, pain points or stories turn into music.

And a music never tries to sell. In fact the music itself is 'longed'. By the audience.

Anywhere they sense a noise. Never again would they taste such an inspiration that they had reading/ listening to your music.

My quest for the Customer Engagement Communication Framing almost ended while watching that part of Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie) where Freddie (Rami Malek) asks 'whats the lyric?' when the band first spoke about the idea of a this new masterpiece.

And the whole idea is to engage the audience (while creating the iconic 'We Will Rock You' inspi-music). And the audience wouldn't start engaging if they are not in love. Not inspired.

So before you start creating an inspiration. A music. A customer engagement message. Ask yourself "whats the lyric".

Once you've figured it out then you will start creating a music. Without losing the imagination of your audience.

Are you inspired? And want to create some music now?

Your audience deserves it. They are waiting for it.


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