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This is how you create a great profile on LinkedIn

So, you want to have a great LinkedIn presence. And look professional. Want to be approachable. Want to stay ahead of all your peers and competitive profiles.

You are at the right place, in-deed.

I'm going to ask you to come back after a day or so and then read the rest of this article.


Yes, stop reading it now and come back to continue tomorrow. After reading the next line.


Professional headshot is a photo of your's shot professionally which adds real life to your professional outlook on your LinkedIn profile.

People like seeing faces of the people they are going to talk to. They like imagining them while and before the conversations.

So, more relevant and inviting the picture is, more are the chances that people would enjoy talking to you.

I would love interacting with someone whose picture shows a smiling face, bright eyes and throwing positivity.

I'd love imagining myself talking to them. Rather than a picture where the face is not clearly visible, or looks too serious, or any random pic.

It does give a sense of 'casuality'. Would you agree?

So, if you have a great head shot which has a professional persona of your's and has a great smile then attach is right away before hopping to the next part.


[this profile sample belongs to one of those favorite LinkedIn profiles. Heather Morgan is the owner of this profile and you must check it out.]

Second more important part of your LinkedIn profile is the 'summary'.

In a shortest way possible, explain what you do. What are your key strengths. What roles have you played successfully.

If your personal or social life motivates or inspires you any ways, then, you must include that too. Personal side of life helps connect with people in an easier way. But do not do this just for the sake of it. Do it genuinely.

If you have a vision or goal, you must have it here. In fact you must start this section with that.

If there is any quote (of your own or someone else's) then you may put it at the beginning or at the end.

A salesperson must include their contact details in this section. It helps people to contact you then and there.

It may happen that the reader just liked what you say and would love to talk. The contact details helps them do that right away.


Your current employment details should be on the top and must include-

  1. Company's product details (short as possible)

  2. May include some clients names you worked with

  3. Some stats about the product

  4. Your role in quick bullets

  5. Your contact details like email or link to the demo


Must include all of your past employment.

Describe what product you had worked on and what was your role.


Must have. Get your clients, colleagues, friends share recommendation.

Most important are your managers. It makes a different impression when managers appreciate their team members.

Make a list of buddies related professionally to you (including vendors) and reach out to them one-by-one. Have a follow-up plan too.

For friends you may have to write recommendation for them first and as a return gesture you may request them to write a genuine one for you too.

But. Please keep them all genuine.


LinkedIn Groups are a part of your profile build-up. Identify which types of groups would help you grow your network of influencers and buyers.

Search some active groups. Place where discussions are happening on a regular basis.

Join them and be active.


Tag at-least 10 skills you possess. And ask your manager, colleagues to endorse you for the skills they strongly think are your strengths.

Employers and recruiters like knowing what skills are highlighted and which ones are endorsed the most.


Go to settings and create a short LinkedIn URL of your's.


It helps in many ways. Like, when you want to (or someone else) share this url, there is a sweet and small and custom url. URL which looks like a human URL.

Lastly, pick a great profile banner. It adds to a great impression. Try adding some keywords and your company logo too.

Once you have done this. Your profile and its influence will never be the same again.

Having a great profile is the start of actually building a great leads pipeline and growing the network with the highly relevant people across the globe.

"SalesPeople with 5000+ connections and a great LinkedIn profile have 92% more chances of reaching or exceeding the quota than others"

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