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Reasons why your sales team is not using the CRM effectively

Do you think your sales reps have insufficient time to log details into their CRM? Or, do you think they just do not want to do it?

A lot of CEOs and Sales Heads are often trying to figure out how to optimize the CRM user activity, or in fact, some of them are struggling to get their teams to pull the basic effectiveness from CRM users.

Just as a coin has two sides, the reasons for this challenge has two sides too - the CRM side and the CRM users' side.

CRM side of the practicality challenges

Let us start with what CRM as a tool offers as friction which challenges the users.

CRM cannot overshadow noise

In the world of distractions, pace and time complexity, a sales rep is mostly running after emails, phones, meetings, social media, making it difficult for a sales rep or sales manager to get in front of the CRM. It never is the first thing opened in the morning or something which sits on sales reps mind to keep swinging back.

A customer doesn’t meet at the CRM

Sales people's job is all about being in front of the customers. And CRM in most of the cases is not the place where customers meet (unless an in-built dialer or 2-way email sync used). Then how come a sales rep keep coming back to it?

Seems a lot of work. Accurate work. Timely work

Any work not directly dealing with the customer or the delivery/ support team seems secondary or even lower priority task to a sales rep. Hence, we see salespeople ignoring or missing out those CRM entries and update the pipeline.

It is understood that CRM (not all, but, some of them) have to be more inviting and easier-to-use so as to top the priority and make the sales rep feel light about the usage because CRM is not a very complicated tool to use.

Users’ Side of adaptability challenges

Now, to talk about where CRM users’ are struggling, I have six areas to explore with you -

Selecting the right CRM

Anyone talking about any challenge about the CRM (or related), the very first question hitting my mind will be - ‘do they know they are using the right CRM for their sales process and needs?’ Because every challenge catered and solved will yield unproductive results if the CRM is not very suitable for their business.

There are hundreds of types of CRMs and checking them out to fill the rightest one for your process should be of prime importance because, in the end, it helps your department be more productive which overall generates more revenue.

In fact, you may also look at CRM as your additional sales rep if you have figured out the right one.

Individual’s enthusiasm

Using a productivity tool is somewhere related to emotions too. And not all humans are born to love these tools. There are those who just love a 24hrs job with software tools but some are just not naturally into doing this. This is why keen attention to keep all the sales team’s enthusiasm to follow the process and keep the CRM highly updated is a must.

A leader needs to have gamification or a daily involvement task so as to keep the team enthusiastic about using CRM.

Unclear goals and milestone

If a sales rep or the team are not very clear about the goals then they are tracking them. They do not know where to go. Just keep doing the daily checklist, right? If they have goals they know a long-term vision and plan certainly needs an organized work structure. If they are serious about their goals then they are serious about everything that is helping them make work easier.

Personalized guidance

My personal favorite. CRM usage needs personalized guidance. Each rep has a different way of doing things and different de-motivations too. If they are not helped working basic or advanced parts of the CRM then they are facing micro challenges some or the other areas. Help them solve that working one-on-one. Guide them.

Accuracy and Freshness

If the sales rep is using previous employees’ data and not very updated then it adds to a bit of friction. If they are updating it and unknowingly add incorrect or incomplete data then it adds to their sentimental feeling when they face problem-related to that error. Especially if they are having a bad day already.

CRM as a priority to the CRM user

To a sales rep, the CRM update is not really a priority. If it is a priority then there would be no adaptability challenge.

Were you able to relate your condition with any of these reasons?

Which of these reasons do you think is creating that CRM user adaptability challenge in your sales team on a daily basis?

If you are keen at finding how to get a solution to these challenges then you may check what makes a sales team use CRM at the most and love it forever. Because CRM is a very powerful tool sales and if used well by every sales rep in the team then they are more motivated to bring more traction (productively) and keep the pipeline always full.

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