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Painless steps to increase B2B Lead Generation (within 30 days) in 2019

So you are among those having a goal with a high $ value. And the question of 'how to achieve' or 'solving challenges en-route to destination' needs a quick solution. And yes, your quest for this puzzle is justified. In fact, you are at the right place to help yourself get more clarity and move closer to your goal.

More importantly, you are going to help yourself gain better traction because you are the owner of your own goal (whether that is your personal sales goal or a team goal).

So, let us identify the facts first.

There is a lot of over-education about sales. Period. And the problem with that is - we are not very clear about the pipeline building process, considering a huge workload.

The real thing is to actually differentiate between 'what to do now now now and what to ignore'. So, while focusing on getting more leads in simple and easy ways we should be figuring out sales lead generation process which gives tangible results without many hassles.

So, we first start with identifying the right set of target audience. Of course the low hanging fruits. But the logic is to pick the companies similar to your existing or past customers. This helps to build more confidence in prospects minds and using examples that are closer to the prospects world.

Build your initial target customer list

Step-1: List your key customers (up to 10)

Step-2: Find your customers' competitors (use LinkedIn or Owler)

Step-3: Find the right people from those companies

Step-4: Get some more insights about those companies (without much of hard work).. anything related to your subject matter, their company news, any management change, any awards etc


If there is a common pattern in your clientele list (industry, size, geography) then focus on the category where you have the majority of customers in a single group. Or you may simply find 10 competitors of a client where you have had great success. And do not move on to the next item unless you have done this part.

Create a quick communication plan

Writing the email and linkedIn messaging content

Step-1: List down all challenges (related to your products/ services) that your prospects usually face... instead of challenges you can list motivations too.

Step-2: Which feature of your product/ service solves each of these problems or meets these motivations?

Step-3: Write one or two liner statement as below -

"If generating more leads with less pain to achieve your revenue goals is your priority then Pipebagger's "LeadGen using Digital Media 2019" helps you generate leads easier way very consistently" would you like to know how it will work for you?

Step-4: Create two different versions of this statement.

Step-5: Create a short message like: "Generate leads consistently using Digital Media in 2019 by learning tricks and tactics from this 2-hour webinar"

Step-6: Create a full emailer using the message in Step-3 and a LinkedIn intro message using the message in Step-5.

Campaign Outreach:

So, now is the time to use your target list and the messages to generate some leads:

Step-1: Email campaign: Send the emails one-by-one to about 15-20 people per day from the target list (do this manually).

Step-2: Filter the bounced emails, negative replies and send custom emails to the positive replies (this is your first set of leads)

Step-3: Send a ‘LinkedIn add request’ to the prospects who did reply positively and did not reply at all (no point sending a request to those replying negatively... however, you may try to connect with the ones whose emails have bounced..)

Step-4: Send the LinkedIn message (from Step-5) to those who have accepted the friend request (and did not reply positively)

The leads generated from email and LinkedIn messages are your initial set of leads. And if your basket seems like enough for you to stay busy then you can hold your process for a week, else, you may have to jump to the next stage which is “Follow-up for more traction”.

Advanced action: Follow-up for more traction

Most of the sales reps and leaders would love to generate as many leads because more leads surely mean more business, especially, when the competition is so tough and leads are considered gold mines.

So this is how start the follow-up traction process:

Step-1: Create two different emails using more 'problems' and 'motivations'

Step-2: Send emails to those not replying (emails or LinkedIn). Emails to be sent with 2-3 days of the gap.

Step-3: Create short messages for LinkedIn (try being more conversationalist than educative... helps sound natural and more motivating to reply)

Step-4: Send one LinkedIn message to all those silent prospects

The leads from 2nd to 3rd emails and the LinkedIn messages are your second set of leads.

You may consider sending your silent prospects to an automated 'email sequence' and also consider sending very personalised emails to those who clicked on the links (website, message link etc) or opened emails more than twice.

The reason is - a person opening emails sent from you more than 2 or 3 times means they liked something about your email but chose to remain silent.

These are the prospects for just staying in touch. Sometimes these prospects come back at their own convenient times. And they come with very fewer objections and price sensitivity 🙂

Question is: what to do about email sequence and how to do them? How to know who has opened emails? Who clicked on the emails? There are many advanced techniques available, to make your outreach simpler and save a lot of time.

And, run these campaigns for 1000s of prospects instead of dozens. Believe me, you are looking at potentially dozens of tractions maybe 100s of leads even.. yeah..

If you think you do not have enough number of customers to derive a pattern or maybe you want to explore a new set of customers or you need some enlightenment/ help in any other stage then I would love to talk to you for 15 minutes and To do so just go ahead and book a slot here - https://calendly.com/gauravpatel

I will also be happy to help you in any way to get started with this campaign or help you get clarity, make simpler and workable plan, or, just any guidance for running this campaign and getting results from them.. You should get more leads in next 30 days. Especially, if it comes from less efforts and less pains.

I'm sure this guide helps you build that gold-mine like the sales pipeline from the first month.

Would love to hear from you so feel free to use the comments section below.

Sales success first!

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