• Gaurav Patel

How Hashtags Work On LinkedIn?

Linkedin user (U): Hey Hashtag! Can you tell me something about your relationship with

Linkedin Content (C): ?

Hashtag(#): Haha. Of course, U! I’m glad that someone bothered to ask me about it.

My relationship with 'C' is like the cheese to your Pizza, the icing to your cake, or the butter to your toast.

Although a few people do eat pizza without cheese & cake without icing the real flavor is being missed!

I send positive signals to the Linkedin algorithm and help rank-up your content.

U: Do you work the same on LinkedIn, like how you work on Instagram?

#: No my friend, on Instagram I’m used as color commentary to add fun to the conversation.

Sometimes on Instagram, a post might only include hashtags. but I’m used much differently on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, I’m used to tying your post or article to a specific topic or conversation. 

By using me you can increase your exposure and reach by tapping into a theme or topic that others are also sharing.

U: People use you abundantly on LinkedIn. Is that right?

#: Ikr!! Just coz I’m freely available, people just misuse me. This is one of those things where bad habits on other platforms are sabotaging such guys on LinkedIn.

 I’ll tell you a little secret my magic works if you limit my use to just three hashtags.

LinkedIn likes me but any more than 3 and they think that you are spamming your network and they will hide it from the vast majority of people that you are trying to reach.

Make me something relevant to your content or your company and make it something that other people wanna read about.

U: I’ve heard that you’re placed at the end of the content, doesn’t it diminish your importance?

#: Yes, you heard that right. I should be placed at the end of the content to maintain professionalism.

U: Can you tell me something more about your magic?

#: Yes, why not. This was just a trailer. Watch my series to know more. Right now I’m busy spreading my magic like confetti :p

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