• Gaurav Patel

How A Salesperson Must Optimise Their LinkedIn Profile

Currently, there are over 500 million users on LinkedIn. And roughly 40% of users interact with this platform on a daily basis.

So, what should an optimised sales profile on LinkedIn look like?

Your LinkedIn profile has to be about your buyer’s achievements and how you enabled them, and less of you and your achievements.

If you want your profile to influence your buyer strongly then it has to be zero-salesy and 100% motivating, supported by the numbers and social-proofs.

  • Be clear with your purpose of being on LinkedIn - personal branding, sales or employment.

  • Imagine the buyer persona and write craft your profile content for them (other audience will find it irrelevant and that is what you want).

  • Complete every section of LinkedIn profile with a strong and persona-motivating substance.

Five things to consider before you get started with LinkedIn optimisation:

  1. Fill each section thoroughly

  2. Be honest with the information you publish

  3. Ask for endorsements and testimonials from people you’ve worked with (continuous practice)

  4. Publish regularly and responsibly

  5. Give as much interesting treatment to your writing to make reading as easier as possible

If you want to optimise your LinkedIn profile, you don’t have to use up every single possible character that’s available to you.

Instead of writing for writing’s sake, effectively utilise the character allowances so that you can tell your story in a thorough and engaging way.

Curiosity, inspiration, stats, high-relevance, emotional sparks etc are the magnets and impacts that influences the readers and you gotta make sure that you use any many of those in your profile.

Profile photo

How do you want your ideal audience to visualise you? Certainly the first impression is really important and a great, appealing and smiling photograph invites people to engage with you. What you need is a high quality photo - avoid taking a selfie, or anything unprofessional and un-appealing.

Again, keep it simple. You can also choose a picture that represents something you are interested in or passionate about.

By uploading a professional photo you can increase your LinkedIn profile views by 11%.


Be original and creative but clear and informative. Add a value proposition to your headline. Don't just write your title.

Answer two questions: Who do you help and how do you help them?

While searching when I come across dozens of profiles in the list I only see name and headline. This where you can start differentiating. If the profile says “Head of Business Development” or “Sales Manager” or “SDR Lead” from XYZ company then that profile is like any other profile. When you say “Helping CEOs and Sales leaders multiply revenue with ease” then that certainly urges me to know what exactly you do. Of-course a great profile pic has already created that 10%-20% impact.

Profile summary

This is like a mini guided-tour of who you are as a professional and why customers love working with you. Mention what value you add in customer’s life and work.

Add ‘social proof’, ‘testimonials’, or ‘customer achievements’ in this section. They make a lot of difference.

Mention your quota attainment but keep the spotlight on the results you helped clients achieve along with the methods and tactics you used.

Visual content in Summary - Post eye-catching pieces that will be helpful to your buyer. A slideshare presentation in your summary section makes it strongly visual and of-course impactful.

Your Linkedin profile summary MUST include these key elements

1. Your purpose on LinkedIn (try implying it indirectly)

2. Your work is about ‘adding value to your customers’ and that is the way to describe it

3. Your contact details – helps customers reach out with ease (email address, phone number, twitter handle, and blog or company website)

Employment section

Current job - If you are employed, list your current job as your headline. Say how you add value to the end users and make their living easier. And why you enjoy doing that.

Previous Employment - When it comes to describing the past employment, talk about what you brought to the table. It gives a ‘relevance-mapping’ advantage and may create that ‘instant action’ trigger in the reader’s mind.

Media Files and Supportive documents

Supporting documents in your current and job positions matter a-lot. Certifications, Awards, etc go a long way.

Include academic achievements, and any additional training or certification.

Skills section

Stick to the most recent experiences by sharing your skills, how you add more depth to your professional snapshot, and alert employers to your potential. More is not more when it comes to LinkedIn Skills.


There are two ways to get recommendations: you can send a request to a LinkedIn contact and ask them to write a recommendation to you or you can write a recommendation to someone and hope they write one back to you.

Try not to ask for a recommendation unless you’ve worked with someone for at least six months.

Use education, skills, endorsements, and recommendations to build credibility.

Optimising your LinkedIn profile for inbound sales is the first step towards successful social selling.

Bonus Tips

  1. Add a quick explainer after your name. Like “Gaurav Patel – 330% sales growth achieved” or “Generates 40+ B2B meeting every month”

  2. LinkedIn profile URL optimisation: go to ‘view profile’. Click on ‘Edit public profile & URL’ on the top right of the page. Edit your profile URL to something more relevant like “linkedin.com/in/patelgaurav05” which is much easier to look and share than the mile-long URL you might carrying

  3. In your profile banner, include details like – “key services/ features or accomplishments or person quote or contact details”

  4. Your profile must clearly show that you are a subject matter expert and not just a cheesy salesman + the owner of the profile showcases his happier and more successful side + very human, inspiring, industry-know-hows and actually an in-demand person

  5. Be proud of what you do and show it as an asset you are possessive about

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