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Ambitions & Powers: greatest sales strategy to multiply your revenues

Not just in sales but in any expertise and profession it is definitely crucial to have a strong balance between 'ambition' and 'power'.

Your limited powers cannot fulfil the needs of your higher ambitions. And, your highly-powered advantage is not actually an advantage if you are not on the path of a high ambition.

This was always a question in my mind since childhood whenever I heard people say this to anyone - "you are trying to be over-ambitious", when I had seen some people already walking that journey.

One day my young little brother told my father "I want to become an animation specialist and aspire being a 3D game developer" and this was way back in 2005 ish. And my dad took it as an over-ambition. And today in this country I see 1000s of animation institutes and thousands of jobs and probably thousands of companies actually creating stuff using 3D animation techniques.

Well, my brother was seemingly over-ambitious due to some reasons and his ambitions were too high considering the lack of power which was caused by a lack of support (unfortunately, I was not yet employed and motivation is not the only thing to help you pursue a degree in animation). My little brother had no laptop of his own and hence no internet. And smartphones too didn't existed. Considering his realistic situation he went with the flow of being a computer science engineer, than an animation specialist.

On the other side a friend of mine with a super supportive dad, excellent backing through infrastructure and funding couldn't capitalise because of lack of ambition. He was in his comfort zone, despite all the right things in place. His life had least of distractions and demotivators. My brother always told me 'your friend could live the life he wants' and I used to reply as always 'probably for him this is the life he always wanted that he is living'.

So, the moral of the story is that one needs to work backwards - understand the ambition first and then work-out what type of powers they need so as to accomplish it.

In a team of sales, if there are about 15 sales reps (Sales Development Reps + Account Executives) then would the sales head try understanding 15 different ambitions? Yes. And aligning them with a common ambition which company's sales revenue goal will help him keep all of the sales team intact.

With that goal. With that ambition, a CEO or any other leader of the company would judge if it is an over-ambition or it is not. But the sales leader will simply look at it as an ambition and come up with a plan.

A plan consisting of empowering the entire sales team, having the right process and a great execution plan.

Sales is all about helping your prospects buy. And to do this simplest-yet-most challenging job in the world, the entire team has to be thoroughly prepared. Mindset, Knowledge, Information, Tools, Practices and a Great Hunger.

When the preparation is done right and the team is rightly managed consistently, then, that forms as the power to the sales team.

Without this power no ambition looks possible. Big or small.

If you have a $100m revenue ambition and you say you did $38m last year, then, it is an over-ambition if your team is under-prepared. And, under-powered.

If the entire sales team is highly pumped up, have all the required information very much accessible, the processes are set and you (the sales leader) are all set for a great great dedication towards helping your team achieve that. I must say, probably $100m is the right ambition you are heading towards. And, your CEO can never have a better way to actually achieve this.

So, to quickly sum it up here is a list of the areas where any sales team can be empowered greatly to achieve the goals of any ambition. I mean any ambition.

A great work-desk with a large screen - a lot of times I hear people say that if a sales rep have an inner drive and great training then they must perform to any level, working in any condition. But, I do not believe that this is true. Yes, a great inner drive does take a person long way. But, does all the sales reps have great inner drive? Are all of them facing similar days at sales and at home? So, I believe there has to be basic support which makes sales reps' mind more motivated to spend more time at the desk. And the desk has to be 'clutter-free' enhancer.

Solid equipments - PC, headset, notepad. These are things used the most. They have to be in the top condition and periodically serviced and replaced (as necessary).

Sales automation tools - CRM, Email automation, Research tools, Document tracker are also the basics a sales rep must be empowered with. These tools helps a sales rep work faster by avoiding spending time on doing repetitive and DISTRACTING work. Yes, when I'm in a great flow of writing some cold emails to CEOs from medical devices companies then spending those 30-40 mins on finding names + emails breaks my creative rhythm and a research tool helps do that in 2-3 minutes. And the proposals I have sent are opened by multiple people. Document tracker helps me track those and also gives reports like average viewing time, which page is viewed most no of seconds etc. And yes the CRM is the most important asset a sales rep has, after the sales manager. Chose your CRM very very wisely.

Structured periodic training - A sales rep is on-boarded, trained, prepared and sent on the battlefield. A well structured one-on-one plan to train every sales rep helps you go a long long way and also beat a lot of competition too. Besides, it helps your team stay very very prepared and reduces a lot of load off the sales manager.

An easy-to-drive yet effective sales process (research to customer success) - A great or weak sales process can make or break your sales unit. It has to be aligning with the buyers' buying journey and the second most important area to work is - train your team effortlessly to follow the process. Simple. If this is measured and iterated then within 6-12 months you have the best sales process compared to any competitor of your's. Do keep in mind that you gotta include 'customer success' while creating the sales process.

Integrated team culture - the team has a common goal. Highly ambitious. Lot of accounts to hunt on. When all the team members jump in. A dedicated manager. Great process and preparation. And if everyone is working on their own individual goal then we are having all the ingredients ready but the kitchen is just not cooking. A disintegrated team is going to make the manager run everywhere, except towards the ambition. Get your team to a common focus. Create a culture to help each-other.

Yes, there is no doubt that when a sales team is greatly motivated for a great success, then, success is not impossible. But, as a sales leader dedicated to fulfil a great ambition do we depend on the team's inner drive or do you start preparing your sales kitchen so that your team's lost drive is reborn and with those still having that drive could change the gears immediately.

Have great ambitions. Because we are not in 40s fighting the world to survive. We, in this millennium are the luckiest and are in an era where nothing can stop us.

Help your sales reps achieve their targets in sales. You will not only achieve revenue goals, but also help your team culture with happier environment and reduce attrition to a great extent.

And 'happiness' and 'attrition-control' in sales are second and third priorities of most of the sales leaders, after 'revenue'. Wow, it looks like all the major priorities taken care by a simple 'preparation-powered' strategy.

Talking in the context of my little brother, if my dad had understood his 'over' ambitions and had things prepared accordingly, instead of leaving him in his company of 'inner drive' only then this little brother would have been a little genius in 3 animation. And would have some day fulfilled his 'not so really' over-ambition.

Sales leaders are helping sales reps build great ambitions, and with required and empowered preparation they will be able to create that strong balance between goals and powers create new-age sales engines driven by the new-age empowered sales drivers.


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