• Gaurav Patel

7 Unknown Facts About Hashtags on LinkedIn

#: Hey U! I’m back with a bang to bless you with my magic.

U: I’m blessed to get in touch with you and witness your magical presence.

U: I often find myself in a dilemma to pick up three perfect hashtags from a never-ending ocean of possibilities

#: Before you post any hashtag, do a little bit of research to find out what are those hashtags that are being followed by the masses and embed those into your post.

But terms and conditions do apply to this hack.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your post. Don’t just use any hashtag which has the largest following.

Don't go and tag startups if your post is not about startups.

U: How will I know the number of followers on a particular hashtag

#: You should be using Linkedin Search as a tool to identify hashtag frequency which basically means If you want to know how important or popular a specific hashtag is, what you can do is you can enter the hashtag into your search bar on LinkedIn and it will tell you how many people are actually following that hashtag that will eventually help you identify what hashtags to use.

U: But What’s the reason behind using hashtags that have a lot of following

#: Every hashtag on Linkedin has followers. Some have few thousands of followers and some have millions of followers. Use hashtags that have at least 1000+followers

For example, if you check #marketing on Linkedin it has almost 20 million followers. So if you are using this hashtag, you have the potential to reach almost 20 million followers.

U: OMG 20 million followers!! But I think not even 0.01% of them will engage with my post

#: Haha Well that depends on you. How well does the presentation of your content compel people to engage? The concept of “The first impression is the last impression” is valid on LinkedIn. Because people here do judge the book by its cover. If the face of your content is appealing no one can stop you from rocking on LinkedIn!!

U: But 20 million reaches seems impossible

#: Sadly, Not all 20 million people are active on LinkedIn. But your content will surely pass by the active users.

U: What else I have to keep in mind while selecting the hashtags?

#: Double-check the hashtag that you're using. Look through the feed and just get a General to feel about whether it's a useful hashtag to use.

Lemme put across an important point here. Sales leaders want to use hashtags related to the products they are selling. While this is important to them or their contemporaries it is often not important to the audience.

You ought to use hashtags that relate more to the world of our customers than to your own.

U: Point noted!!

#: Lemme make it easier for you

As I mentioned earlier that the best hashtags strategy is to use three hashtags.

 If you've got 3 hashtags, go for two big hitters so two broad hashtags and one more niche hashtag or one more personal hashtag.

U:  How going big and broad with hashtags will be helpful?

#: There is just not enough content on LinkedIn in comparison to other platforms so this is why right now it is more fruitful to use big and Broad hashtags that you know people are searching for.

#: Use keyword to signpost content themes. For example, if you use the hashtags #socialmedia, #productivity, #psychology because these are your content themes this really incorporates the majority of the content you create.

By seeing those hashtags at the end of your posts, on almost every single post that's almost like a sign post. Because if you then ask somebody what types of content you create, they will subconsciously and consciously remember seeing those words.

A Really great example of this is using something like #keynotespeaker because if you did a bit of content and someone read that hashtag at the end, chances are they're going to know that you're a keynote speaker.

This is one way to use hashtags to really spell out what is you do to your target audience and they have to know what you do because you can't expect to sell a product, or a  service to somebody if they are not sure that they need it and that they can actually get it from you.

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