• Gaurav Patel

11 easy ways to create power CRM users in any sales team

Have you ever thought that the overall CRM productivity is 80% dependent on the LEADER. The one who heads the sales team.

It is very easy to have a misconception that the CRM user productivity is majorly (if not entirely) a responsibility with the respective user. Even if you have the best CRM.

I’m sure this generates some questions or objections in your mind. At the end of this list you will have a clear idea as to why a leader is responsible for CRM productivity.

So, all the parents (leaders) and the children (sales reps) let us imagine everything that we are just going to discuss here as in considering your present situation.

The ways to achieve CRM productivity nirvana are:

1. Shaping your CRM with your sales process

All the fields in the contacts, leads, accounts, deals etc.

All the properties has to be very well designed and configured so that all required info for your sales is covered and the CRM journey for every rep is highly smooth.

2. Strict plan to update daily

Unless the mandate to update every information on CRM is made, it is going to be long journey. Maybe an endless one.

3. Zero-spreadsheet milestone

Requires no explanation. Sales reps needs to unlearn this. Go help them do that. Unlearning is the toughest. Get rid of spreadsheets in sales.

4. Generate user enthusiasm

Working on the CRM should be highly simplified. Create discussions around your CRM so that it is talked more. Share more videos. Do anything which increases users curiosity.

5. Remove feeling of entering the small or failure data

One of the key reasons why reps stay away from CRM data entry. Motivate them by saying ‘it’s ok’. We are in sales and it happens.

6. Make sure that every piece of info is updated and reviewed daily.

Reviewing the CRM updates on a daily basis is a must. Unless the team has really well adapted it. Reviewing data daily means it has to be updated daily. Period.

7. Micro strategy to guide every team member

Every rep has their own challenges which is usually not understood until there is a personalised interaction specific to the CRM. So, go and sit next to them. Understand their motivation and demotivation of being a power CRM user.

8. Regularised Sales Team Training

Regular and interactive team training on CRM goes a long long way. One time training fizzles from the very next week. So keep it on going because CRM productivity has to be exponential.

9. One-on-One adaptation plan

Make an individual plan. Every rep has their own pace. Deadline is common. But the plan has to be definitely exclusive to each rep so that the deadline and the productivity, both are met.

10. CRM assessment for every rep and the leader

Assessments helps understand the depth and challenges. Do it in a planned way and have a post assessment trainings to cover up faster. A group-up session is not a bad idea either where reps help each other solve a lot of queries among each other.

11. Management dashboard, Analytics, Reports

Complete cycle.

Helps in going backward in understanding the traction, progress, and loop-holes (for corrections).

It seems like a forever strategy for sure and yes it is. But once the team is all set with the CRM following these steps then no sales rep would step back from being CRM productive and a great CRM team always generates about 28% more revenue with the same amount of leads in the funnel.

So, as a sales leader are you ready to pull the socks and start helping your team gear up to the CRM act?

Go help ‘em.

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